Morgan Green is back, bitches!

Morgan and Nipun chatted about the following things ---
1. Premier league - Chelsea, United, in particular.
2. Pedro and Diego Forlan
3. Borussia Dortmund
4. Celtic and the SPL
5. Summer Slam.
Reach out to Morgan at @Morgan_Green, and let him know what you thought of his pilot episode. Thanks for listening!
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Gabe (@Smitty46and2) and Nipun (@NipunChopra7) review the 3rd week results for Liverpool and Manchester United and discuss:

1. Latest transfer rumors

2. Goalless draw for both clubs.
3. Lucas back into the fold for Liverpool
4. Unfair criticism for Depay
5. Listener Questions and Fantasy Update

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Nipun (@Nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@Smitty46and2) were joined by Villa supporter, Peter Evans (@Real_PeterEvans). They discussed ---

1. How Peter came to love the beautiful game and support Villa.
2. News.
3. Peter's expectations of Villa's season. Question by Jon Ball regarding what Sherwood's reign means for Villa.
4, United v Villa - The penalty decision. The boys analyze whether Micah Richards should have been awarded a PK. Overall play. Janujaz and LVG. Mata's performance. Quick preview of Club Brugge game.
5. Liverpool v Bournemouth - Bournemouth very unlucky on a couple of decisions. Liverpool struggled to create chances. Llalana's role in this team - does he have one?
6. Fantasy update and listener questions by Myron Thiessen and Aaron Holtsclaw.
7. Preview United v Arsenal.
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Gabe (@Smitty46and2) and Nipun (@NipunChopra7) cover the 1st week of the new English Premier League season for Liverpool and Manchester United and discuss:

1. Daley Blind starting at CB and whether that's smart long term.
2. De Gea saga and how Romero did 1st time between the sticks.
3. Depay better out wide?
4. Long Ball Liverpool...
5. New man James Milner's 1st game

Short podcast this week but we'll be back to normal for next week with listener questions and next match previews. Be sure to Listen/Share/Comment/Subscribe

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Gabe (@smitty46and2) is joined by Manchester United fans Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Jon Ball (@JonyB007). They discuss ---

1. The transfer season for United. Has it been a success?
2. The David de Gea conundrum. Chances that he will stay, and what that means long term.
3. How the RVP transfer was handled.
4. Angel di Maria's "legacy" at United.
5. Lessons from pre-season; particularly regarding United's defense.
6. What is LVG's vision for this team?
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It's time to do previews! The season is only 2 weeks away, guys!!

Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and Gabe (@Smitty46and2) were joined by Liverpool fan, Scott Stewart (@scostew) to preview the upcoming season for Liverpool. The boys discussed ---
1. The incoming players - are they going to fit in, or will it be last season all over again?
2. Will Brendan be gone by December?
3. The Raheem Sterling saga - what does it mean for Liverpool? Are they a selling club?
4. The way the team has looked during pre-season - which players have stood out?
5. Predicting how the team will do next season. Which players might play a key role in the club.
Next week, we'll be previewing Manchester United's season, so stay tuned for that. Make sure you sign up for the fantasy table and definitely let Nipun know if you'll be in Chicago on Wednesday.
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Nipun (@NipunChopra7), Gabe (@Smitty46and2) and Jon (@JonyB007) sit down to review the season that was for United---

1. Looking back at what has LVG brought to this team in contrast to Moyes.
2. A closer look at the defense. Do we need Sergio Ramos?
3. How is LVG going to set up this team tactically going ahead from here?
4. Di Maria vs Cavani?
5. Rating each set of positions and how they've fared this season.
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Nipun (@NipunChopra7), Gabe (@Smitty46and2) sit down with Mark Maxwell (Got_maxwell) to review Liverpool's season.

1. how to pronounce Brisbane.
2. how to pronounce Melbourne. to pronounce Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney.
4. We talk about the expectations for Liverpool at the start of the season.
5. How did it go wrong? Suarez? More than that?
6. Gerrard's season for Liverpool.
7. Grading every position for Liverpool.
8. Looking ahead to transfers.
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Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@Smitty46and2) sit down to discuss ---

1. Here's wishing Gabe's dad a speedy and full recovery.

2. Liverpool news - Contract extensions, Rodgers' contract situation and transfer talk.
3. United news - Falcao gone, Depay in, possible outs and ins.
4. United v Hull City - Awful performance, Valdez' full debut.
5. Liverpool v Stoke - We discuss the shambles of that performance.
6. Fantasy update and listener questions
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Nipun (@NipunChopra7) and Gabe (@Smitty46and2) were joined by Phil Schoen (@PhilSchoen) of BeIN sport. They discussed ---

1. The almost-suspension of games in La Liga and what that means for the league going forward.
2. How did Barcelona and Luis Enrique manage to turn the season around, after a disappointing start.
3. If Carlo Ancelotti goes, who might replace him?
4. The Gareth Bale conundrum.
5. Questions from Peter Wilt (@PeterWilt1), Bryan Smith and Aaron Holtsclaw.
6. Wenger in? Wenger out?
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