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A podcast recorded by two passionate yanks about their favorite clubs - Manchester United and Liverpool. They also don’t get along.

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Ep 100 - One hundred rupees

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on November 10th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@smitty46and2) sit down to record episode 100 of the @ULFpodcast.

1. The boys say their thank yous.
2. United and Liverpool news.
3. Real Madrid v Liverpool - The team selection by Brendan Rodgers. Good or bad? Kolo Toure's performance. Where does this leave Liverpool in the group?
4. The boys tell us their favorite episode and moments from the pod.
5. Liverpool v Chelsea - Nipun slips in a few Slippy G references but has to explain them. Liverpool (especially Can) started well but fell away during the latter stages of the first half. Good play by Oscar. Chelsea's organization. Faults at the back - Lovren again.
6. United v Crystal Palace - Defensive reorganization at the back. McNair and Shaw very impressive. Dimaria struggled again. RVP, Rooney and possible tactical shifts with Mata are discussed.
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Ep 99 - Does Chris Smalling deserve to get kicked in the nuts?

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on November 2nd, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7), Gabe (Smitty46and2) and Kris (@KHeneage) sit down to discuss ---

1. News -United and Liverpool
2. Liverpool v Newcastle - Kris' thoughts on Newcastle's season so far. Some emerging talent from the club is discussed.Liverpool's continued failings in the premier league this season. New formation, no chance creation. Gabe and Kris discuss the futures of Rodgers and Pardew.
3. Manchester derby - Injury crisis at United. Refereeing decisions. City's inability to kill off the game. Does LVG deserve criticism for this awful start to the premier league season? 
4. Listener questions and fantasy update.
5. Preview Liverpool v Madrid and Chelsea
6. Preview United v Crystal Palace (Kris makes a funny)
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Ep 98 - feat. Phil Schoen - Learning how to spell ‘magestarial’ (and other concerns)

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on October 27th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@smitty46and2) were delighted to have BeIN sport commentator Phil Schoen (@philschoen) back on the podcast. We discussed ---

1. How Phil prepares for big games like el clasico. What makes the el clasico so special?
2. Phil's thoughts on the criticism of Fox' commentary (and Gus Johnson, in particular).
3. El clasico - Enrique's decision to drop Rakitic, play Xavi and Suarez. The struggling defense of Pique and Barcelona. Is this the start of a new cycle? The under-appreciation of Carlo Ancelotti. The performances of Kroos, Isco and the brilliance of Real Madrid this season.
4. Liverpool's loss against Real Madrid - Real Madrid far better than liverpool. Phil's thoughts on possible weaknesses Liverpool may try to exploit at the Bernabeau.
5. Questions for Phil - Hernan and Aaron.
6. United v Chelsea - United had a good game. Injuries at the back continue. Fellaini had an exceptional game. Udayan thinks Mata did not have a good game, Nipun discusses that. The controversies surround Phil Dowd. 
7. Preview United v City - Have to find a way to nullify the Toure/Silva/Aguero axis. Nipun thinks Milner will be played to nullify Di Maria. Fellaini will need to have another huge game. Mangala struggling for City.
8. Liverpool questions from our listeners - Nile Smith, Jimmy and Hector.
9. Liverpool v Hull City, previewing Swansea and Newcastle.
Please let Phil know how much we appreciated having him on the podcast. Thanks for listening, everyone!
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Ep 97 - Get lucky

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on October 20th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@smitty46and2) discuss ---

1. United and Liverpool news.
2. United v WBA - United deserved to win. Disappointing performance by Janujaz, Mata, Van Persie. 
3. Liverpool v QPR - Liverpool did not deserve to win. Tactical problems. Balotelli's poor performance. Comments by Udayan, Hector and Jimmy.
4. Some music.
5. Previews - 
Liverpool v Madrid - get ready for a massacre
Liverpool v Hull - YAWN. Oh sorry, YNWA
United v Chelsea - get ready for a massacre
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10 most disliked footballers in the world

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on October 17th, 2014

Footballers are generally not the most intelligent bunch of people. Once in a while, you’ll have a physician-philosopher-political activist such as the Brazilian Socrates. But, in general, footballers tend to live fairly sheltered lives where their needs are pandered to, and their narcissism is indulged. The drawback is that they are constantly in the public eye, so all of their inner demons are often magnified; for millions to see. Perhaps it is the fault of the public; for elevating human beings to God-like status. Perhaps it is the fault of the media; for trying to consistently denigrate these heroes. Perhaps it’s the fault of the players themselves. But, the truth is, even though they aren’t an intelligent bunch, your average footballer just goes on with his job. And yet, there are some, who consistently remind us how flawed our heroes can be. Here is a list of ten of them. The ten most disliked footballers on the planet.


  10.        Ashley Cole - Widely consider to be the best left back of the last 10 years, Ashley Cole has won everything in the club game. The Englishman also unintentionally started a trend; he was one of the first promising Arsenal youngsters to leave the club to search for silverware. For that reason, he is constantly booed at The Emirates. And, a little something about not being happy with his base salary at Arsenal. Other infringements include cheating on his wife and accidentally shooting someone. Certainly, hearing the Old Trafford crowd ironically yell “shoot” when he played against United soon after the incident was the best kind of banter.


    9.        Cristiano Ronaldo - We are lucky to watch soccer at a time when it is readily available on television. Additionally, we get to watch two players every week who will undoubtedly enter the conversation for all-time best players; one is Messi and the other is Ronaldo. While Messi shies away from the media, Ronaldo relishes it. The dislike of Ronaldo started when he moved to United as a gangly 18-year old. While his ability was unquestionable, his propensity for embellishing fouls incensed opposition fans. Then came his role in getting Rooney sent off in the World Cup; and the subsequent wink. Although his wink was far from nefarious, Ronaldo was named public enemy number one in tabloid-crazy England. Fascinatingly, he came back from the world cup as a different player and went on to become one of United’s best ever players. The diving continued and under the overly-protective arm of Sir Alex Ferguson, a narcissism appeared that would later lead to him claiming that Manchester United treated him like a slave. Now at Real Madrid, we see occasional violent outbursts from him as well; elbows, kick-outs at opposition. But, of course, Ronaldo himself still continues to hit the deck at the slightest contact.


    8.        Mario Balotelli - ‘Misunderstood genius’ is a cliché that best exemplifies Balotelli. In the absence of Luis Suarez, he is currently the #1 target of tabloid fury in England. While his talent is unquestionable, Balotelli plays with a chip on his shoulder. While some of his frustrations are valid - like the time he was the target of racial abuse in Italy - many are of his own doing. Balotelli’s excursions extend from the funny, through troubling and are occasionally dangerous. For example, the time he nearly burned his house down. Or the time he threw darts at members of the Manchester City reserve team. Or the tens of thousands of pounds worth of parking fines he accrued while at The Etihad.  Wearing AC Milan jerseys while still an Inter player, arguments with managers, fights with teammates are all on the list of YouTube Balotelli moments. As multiple managers predicted, Balotelli’s madness is far superseding his undeniable brilliance.


    7.        El Hadji Diouf - Diouf is a serial spitter. The Senegalese footballer has a long list of spitting offenses at fans, other players and ground staff. The talented forward has played for many clubs and has had many bust ups with managers of all these clubs. There are many similarities between Balotelli and Diouf. Both very talented, both victims of racial abuse and both are prone to their fair share of controversy. Unlike Balotelli, however, Diouf has also been the perpetrator of racist behavior - as he is alleged to have yelled “F*** off, white boy” at a young Evertonian ball boy during his time at Blackburn. Diouf was also guilty of going AWOL during Blackburn’s pre-season tour of Australia. Diouf is also infamous for his statements about Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.


    6.        John Terry - A hero at Stamford Bridge, John Terry is hated by fans of every other club. While Terry was criticized for his affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex, Veronica Perroncel, the Englishman’s rap sheet includes various other controversies. Terry was caught on TV using racially charged language against Anton Ferdinand. In his younger days, the Chelsea captain was known to enjoy a drink. And was accused of assaulting someone with a glass bottle outside a bar. While he was acquitted of that charge, he was guilty of harassing grieving american tourists at a hotel outside heathrow after the events of 9/11. On the pitch, Terry can have the occasional violent outburst. For example, his tackle on Leon Osman in a game against Everton and the stupid kick at Alexis Sanchez in the Champions League semi-final. John Terry will go down in history as a model defender and a fearless captain, but his conduct has often let him down.


    5.        Wayne Rooney - Most players on this list are hated by opposition fans but worshiped by fans of their own teams. Wayne Rooney, on the other hand, polarizes opinion amongst United fans. While he will almost certainly become United’s record goal scorer, his lack of loyalty has shown up on multiple occasions. Rooney incensed fans of his boyhood club, Everton, after kissing the United badge during a game at Goodison Park. He would later similarly alienate United fans for his high-profile bust-ups with Sir Alex and his transfer requests. Other indiscretions include cheating on his pregnant wife, diving and gambling debts. However, in a theme that has pervaded his entire career, Rooney is capable of inexplicable violent outbursts. While his recent dance routine kick at Downing earned him a red card, his egregious elbow assault of James McCarthy went unpunished. Did I mention he is United’s captain? And, unlike English compatriot John Terry, he is not an unconditionally loved figure even at his own club.

    4.        Carlos Tevez - Much like his ex-teammate Rooney, Tevez is known for his effort on the pitch. At every club Tevez has played at, fans have adored him for his dedication to the team’s cause. However, Tevez has another side to him - his most unfavorable characteristic is disloyalty. Tevez has asked for transfers out of almost every club he has been at. Once adored at Old Trafford, Tevez became a villain when he joined Manchester City on a free transfer after rejecting a new contract at United. While he cannot be blamed for the ill-advised “Welcome to Manchester” poster that soon followed, Tevez has to take the blame for the misguided “RIP Fergie” banner that he held up during City’s trophy parade. The Argentine striker was fined wages for going AWOL after his high-profile bust up with then City manager, Mancini. While Tevez, in general, tries to stay on his feet and out muscle players, he has occasionally been booked for diving - for example, in a game between Argentina and Uruguay.


    3.        Joey Barton - As likely to tweet about Plato’s Republic as he is to punch someone on the pitch, Joseph Barton is rarely out of the news. Unlike most of the stars on this list, Barton isn’t an exceptional player. In fact, his valuation of his own abilities far exceeds those of most pundits (with whom he often has tweet wars). Jovial tweets aside, Joey Barton can be dangerous. He has been sent off multiple times for violent conduct on the pitch. He is also the only person on this list to have received a jail sentence for assault. Whether it’s putting out cigarettes in people’s eyes, punching and kicking Ousmane Dabo, driving over pedestrians or getting in fights with Everton fans on tour with QPR, Joey Barton is the only player on this list, who will only be remembered for his stupidity. And, no amount of tweets condemning Oscar Pistorious will change that, Joey.


    2.        Luis Suarez - This was difficult, as a United fan, I wanted Suarez to be the worst. And, in some ways he is. While Diouf is a serial spitter, Suarez is a serial biter. If you have been living under a rock, the uruguayan has been shown to bite three different players on the pitch. Luis Suarez is also known for his theatrics, and for his ability to incense opposition fans. However, the most aggravating aspect to Suarez is his incredible victim complex and inability to take responsibility for his actions. Some of the blame for this goes to Liverpool and Uruguay; both of whom continued to defend him in spite of his egregious mistakes. However, most of the blame lies heavily on the shoulder of the flawed genius who is arguably the most disliked footballer in the world (even though he didn’t make #1 on this list). The fact that he blamed Evra and the FA for the racist language saga (which, in spite of what anyone says, he is on record as saying he used the offensive word) is only less frustrating than the next fault: it took him a week to even accept that he had bit Chiellini. Even though the bite had been seen by hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Undoubtedly in the list of top 5 players in the world, Suarez will hope to have a new lease of life at Barcelona. But, if his track record is to be believed - and it should be - he is a ticking time bomb.


    1.        Pepe - Speaking of ticking time bombs, how does one outdo a racial-language-using, diving cannibal with a massive victim complex? By being a violent sociopath. While Suarez’ biting is an annoyance to its victims, Pepe’s actions on the football pitch would see him imprisoned in real life. And, unlike the others on this list - like Rooney - Pepe is a repeat offender. During a game against Lyon, Pepe karate kicked Cissokho in the head. On two separate occasions, he stamped on Messi’s ankle and his hand. In one of those el clasicos, he also had a Roy Keane-Haangeland-esque tackle on Dani Alves which somehow didn’t break the Brazilian’s leg. However, the worst of his violent outbursts is immortalized on YouTube in a game against Getafe. Reacting to Javier Casquero going down in the box, Pepe kicked him multiple times while he was helpless on the ground, elbowed him, stamped on his hand and abused him verbally. In the ensuing melee, he also managed to punch two other Getafe players. Pepe is a danger to the very livelihood of his fellow players, and has a clear disregard for the safety of anybody else. For this reason, he is #1 on our list of disliked players of world football.

Ep 96 - An inch and a half to the ball

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on October 14th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7), Gabe (@smitty46and2), Morgan (@Morgan_Green) and Jason (@ColonialCannon) sit down and discuss ---

1. We get a brilliant stat from our stat man, Mike Spiegel.
2. United news - Valencia's sexting scandal, Fergie interview, Luis Suarez interview, international week.
3. Jon Ball, Udayan and Cody Ladd respond to a facebook question about De Gea
4. Liverpool news - Berlusconi's comment about Balotelli, Liverpool's main stand, The Sterling fiasco
5. Arsenal and Chelsea stuff - Costa vs Welbz, Fabregas v Sanchez, Ozil's issues. 
6. The Arsenal v Chelsea game and futures of the clubs. Jason drops a bombshell.
7. Are Arsenal and Chelsea a striker injury away from disaster. Are Chelsea title contenders? Are Arsenal top 4 contenders?
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Ep 95 - Besic B

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on October 6th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7), Gabe (@smitty46and2) and Neil (@neilrealdeal) sit down to discuss --

1. United, Liverpool news.
2. Quick review of Arsenal v Chelsea
3. United v Everton - De Gea and Di Maria were brilliant. Falcao, Van Persie, Mata and Shaw disappointing. The problems with Lukaku this season. Why Everton are struggling. Nipun explains what makes Di Maria so difficult to play.
4. Liverpool v Basel - The struggles of Mario Balotelli. Tactical issues with positions of key players. Rodgers' fault?
5. Liverpool v WBA - Dropping Balotelli. The poor form of Lambert. Excellent game for Henderson. Gerrard's advanced position.
6. Fantasy update, listener questions.
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Ep 94 - Two girls and a Carling Cup

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on September 29th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@smitty46and2) discuss ---

1. News - Rooney, Ronaldo, Mata, Liverpool's possible FFP fine, Sterling contract, Chris Samba racism issue
2. United v West Ham - Rooney's red card, Di Maria's poor play in the second half, improved defense, McNair's debut.
3. Liverpool v Everton - Two amazing goals, Balotelli's play, Sakho's outburst.
4. Fantasy update, listener comments from Aaron and Akash
5. Previews - United v Everton; Liverpool v Basel and West Brom
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Ep 93 - Gabe has a semi-leicester/Jony got trolled

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on September 22nd, 2014

Nipun (@NipunChopra7), Gabe (@smitty46and2) and United fan, Jon Ball (@JonyB007) sit down to discuss ---

1. Manchester United and Liverpool news - Evra, Young, Balotelli racial abuse.
2. Liverpool's plucky win against Ludogorets and their entertaining loss to West Ham. Has Brendan Rodgers' tactical tinkering finally caught up to him. Nipun and Gabe get into an argument about BR's decision to play Fabio Borini.
3. United's awful loss to Leicester City. Nipun argues that LVG has done nothing to improve this team. 
4. Listener comments/questions from @JMDilling and Jimmy Torrejon.
5. Fantasy team update
6. Preview United v West Ham and the Merseyside derby.
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Ep 92 - Backstreet’s back (If United was Backstreet)

Posted by unitedandliverpoolfans on September 15th, 2014

Nipun (@nipunchopra7) and Gabe (@smittyand2) discuss ---

1. Big announcement about our YouTube page. We will be collaborating with various podcasters/writers. Make sure you subscribe on YouTube!
2. News - Gus Johnson is gone. LVG's thoughts on Welbeck and signings. Rio's thoughts on Moyes. Ronaldo to United??? Henderson is declared vice-captain. England injuries. Coutinho's new contract.
3. Manchester United v QPR - Switching to four at the back.Dominated game. Lots of great play by Blind, Blackett, Mata. Di Maria brilliance. 
4. Liverpool v Villa - Changed formation again, and the issue of rotating the squad. Sterling's omission. Lallana debut.
5. Listener questions/comments - from Jimmy, Jony, Joe Dilling and Pelumi.
6. Previews - United v Leicester City, Liverpool v Ludogorets and West Ham United. Quick review of the fantasy league.
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