Morgan continues his Podcation, this time with Toke Theilade of Russian Football News (@TokeTheilade & @RusFootballNews). We get some great insight on the Russian Premier League, look back at a few favorites (Arshavin!) and talk a little NFL in Denmark. As always download, rate and critique!

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Morgan gets to it today with Jason Shrader (@ColonialCannon) for a little Arsenal talk (ugh) and an in depth look at the differences and similarities that both Chelsea and Arsenal have this season. Sprinkle in a little behind the scenes NASL and you have another great pod! As always, download, rate and critique!

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Gabe (@Smittyand2) and Nipun (@NipunChopra7) are joined by The Omniscient a.k.a. Kristan Heneage (@KHeneage) to discuss:

1. #SOTW – Bundesliga with a focus on Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund

2. Rodgers – talk is cheap?

3. United attack firing past Sunderland

4. Fantasy League update that Nipun won’t update

5. Merseyside Derby preview

6. United & Arsenal’s upcoming clash

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In the latest episode of When I Get To It, I welcome back Nipun (@NipunChopra7) for our long awaited Night of Champions recap pod! But before we get to that we tackle the fictional drama around Diego Costa and talk a little about the Capital One Cup. As always be sure to send us your feed back!

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Gabe (@Smittyand2) and Nipun (@NipunChopra7) sit down to discuss ---

1. News.
2 Story of the week (#SOTW) - Diego Costa - is his behavior acceptable?
3. Review United v Southampton - Tactical changes, Memphis, Rooney, Martial and the performance  of David De Gea.
4. Review Liverpool v Norwich - Remember when Norwich City were whipping boys? The formation shift employed by Rodgers.
5. Listener comments and fantasy update.
6. Preview Carling Cup
7. Preview Premier league games.
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Morgan is back and this time his guest is Raphael Gellar. We hit a bit of Chelsea (obviously) but learn a lot about Israeli football, politics and life. Also, we talk a bit of basketball! Don't forget to rate and critique and follow Raphael at @Raphael_Gellar

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Another Episode of WIG2I another phenomenal guest. This time it's Gabe! We talk about his mom, wallow in our Chelsea/Liverpool sorrows and our terrible tv watching habits. Don't forget to rate and send feed back!

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Gabe (@Smitty46and2) and Nipun (@NipunChopra7) are joined by Jon Ball (@JonyB007) to discuss:

1. #SOTW - Why are English clubs performing so poorly in European competitions?
2. The horrific Luke Shaw injury
3. Final takeaways from the United - Liverpool match
4. Preview of Liverpool vs Bordeaux
5. United's defeat to PSV in Champions League

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On this episode of "When I Get To It" Morgan welcomed a special guest and Romanian Football expert Emanuel Rosu. They talked about the state of Romanian and Greek football, The Romanian League, Steaua (BECALI!), the Hagi experiment in Romania as well as life in Romania. As always when you download don't forget to rate and critique! And don't forget to follow Emanuel at @Emishor

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Nipun and Gabe are joined by supporters as they give their thoughts at full time.

Thanks for listening! We'll do a proper wrap up of the game on Wednesday. Shoutout to our friends at Union Jack!
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